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CD-Extra is part audio and part multimedia, a modern concept in a hybrid disc.

CD-Extra will have the appearance of a standard CD. However there are two parts to the disc, the first contains the standard audio tracks whilst the second part contains data tracks which play on a computer.

A CD-Extra is a part audio, part multimedia disc with the appearance of a standard CD which can be printed and packaged in the same way as any other disc. Get in touch with Dischromatics now for more information!

In today’s multimedia world, a modern hybrid disk has almost become a minimum requirement for Audio products. CD-Extra allows you to combine the conventional Audio function of a standard CD with the advanced Multimedia possibilities of Video and Audio on a Computer.

Dischromatics has a large number of options for special products relevant to CD and DVD Replication, normally with a minimum order of one thousand; this is due to the special production process which would make lower quantities uneconomical for our customers of fully manufactured Replication products.

Packaging for CD-Extra can be of standard CD and DVD packaging configuration or a choice of more unusual and value added premium items can be used.

This special product is ideal for ascertaining more information from your customers and with the added benefit of directly interfacing with them.


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