Pit -Logo disc replication CD with Pit -Logo DVD with Pit -Logo Replicated Pit -Logo CD Replicated Pit -Logo DVD disc

 Hub Engraving for CD and DVD will make your products easily identifiable with a holographic effect.

Hub Engraving applied to your CD or DVD is a proven tool and is perfect for marketing, protection and even decoration.

Make your products easily identifiable by applying a Hub Engraving around the hub of your CD Replication or DVD replication

Hub Engraving on a replicated CD and DVD is a proven tool that is perfect for decoration, protection and marketing. Not only will your customers immediately recognise if the replicated disc is an original, but they will also associate your reproduced logo with the quality product they have bought.

Hub Engraving reflects in the light, giving a holographic effect to your company name or logo on your Replicated CD or Replicated DVD. This is perfect for publishers looking to lock customers into their brand.

What's more, Hub Engraving technology can be applied to any replicated CD or DVD and will not harm the compatibility of the disc in any CD or DVD player. Combine your Hub Engraving with copy protection for the ultimate copy-protected CD or DVD and a loyal customer base.

With the addition of special CD and DVD packaging, you will have a product that will mark your company out as a quality based enterprise not prepared to just go along with the crowd.

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