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Sniffle Disc are a unique experience in marketing concepts

Sniffle discs are available for both CD and DVD and are an incredible opportunity to reach out to customers with something completely different.

The Sniffle Disc for CD replication and DVD replication from Dischromatics is an amazingly unique concept guaranteed to get your product talked about! This is probably the most unusual CD or DVD product on the market today.

The Sniffle Disc is a scented and Replicated CD or DVD that allows a smell to emanate from its surface when touched, creating an original and unexpected effect stimulating the senses most neglected by the CD and DVD market.

The possibilities of Aromas are endless with a standard choice of 100 different smells readily available from Strawberry to Cappuccino to apply to your CD and DVD Replication. Or you could simply create your own! Previously companies have come up with various new aromas which reflected their industry and company.

Dischromatics is based in Wales, UK and can supply Replicated Sniffle Discs to any destination. If you are looking for something completely different and which will really get people asking questions about your company, this must be it. Give it a try and watch the positive effect they will have on your business.

Sniffle Discs are equally available in 12cm OR 8cm CD and DVD format and can be combined with any packaging solution of your choice! Dischromatics range of special products is extensive and varied and you are bound to find something to suit your marketing needs.

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