Special Colours for CD and DVD Replicated CD with Special Colours CD with Special Colours with Replication Replicated CD with Special Colours and Printing Special Colours for CD and DVD for better exposure Special Colours for CD and DVD with Replication Special Colours to enhance your CD and DVD Replication Replicated CD and DVD with Special Colours Special Colours for CD and DVD

 Special Colours for CD and DVD are available from Dischromatics using a coloured polycarbonate.

Special Colours for CD and DVD are a welcome addition to our large range of products and allows customers to use colours that may coincide with their own corporate identity.

Special Colours for CD and DVD for those people bored with plain old silver replicated CD's and Replicated DVD's? Let Dischromatics help you out with our array of weird and wonderful media made from coloured polycarbonate, designed to give your product the "Wow" factor it deserves!

When you next require CD & DVD Replication, why not go for something different and eye-catching like special colours. With a large range of bright colours for you to choose from, including Yellow, Orange, Red, Violet, Green, Pink, Gold and Blue, the boundaries have expanded beyond all expectations!

Based on the Technology used in the development of the Playstation media, the discs are coloured on both top AND bottom and can still be colour printed with your own artwork, with a part-white base design allowing the special colour to glint through the print to create an amazing effect!  Vinyl effect print can also be added in these colours to achieve a truly individual product!

If you require help with your artwork, please contact our Graphic Design department who can create a new design or logo or help you to modify your own artwork.

Dischromatics are also able to offer a Coloured CDR Duplication and Printing Service!

As an exciting addition to our CD and DVD duplication services, we are pleased to announce the arrival of coloured CDRs to our range.  These discs are coloured on both the top and underside of the disc and can be thermally printed in black to individual artwork on orange, pink, purple, blue or green media!

Special colours for CD and DVD will help you to get your message home.

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