Vinyl Effect CD Replication Replicated Vinyl Effect CD and DVD Vinyl Effect DVD Replication Replicated CD with Vinyl Effect Replicated DVD with Vinyl Effect

 Vinyl Effect CD and DVD will have the effect of old vinyl records and will look great with black jewel cases.

Vinyl Effect CD and DVD are perfect for anyone wanting to give the retro impression of an old 45 record with the inner label printed in a similar way to those old vinyls. Now we can give you alternative colours to black too.

With vinyl effect CD Duplication & Replication and vinyl effect DVD Replication, Dischromatics can give your CD & DVD the look of an old vinyl record! These incredible CD's and DVD's have all the hallmarks of an old 45 Vinyl Record but replication is the same as for standard CD & DVD, complete with light distorting grooves. It looks great anywhere and is especially effective when supplied with our Black Jewel Cases. We can provide vinyl effect CD Duplication from small runs and produce our own packaging giving new groups and bands a great advantage.

The inner label of the vinyl effect CD or DVD will be printed in a similar way to the old vinyl records and if you require help with the artwork preparation, please contact our in-house Graphic Design department who will be please to help. This may involve help with logo design, branding or just finalising customers own artwork.

These discs have the same colour on both sides unlike some imitations that still have the standard silver on the data side. Call Dischromatics for further information about Coloured Vinyl Effect CD and DVD disc.

Give your disc a true authentic feel by ensuring the colour continues underneath!

**Highly recommended for Audio productions**

CDR versions of the vinyl effect CD discs are also available.


Further Information

Artwork Specifications. 

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