eplicated CD Watermark Replicated DVD with Watermark Watermark Embedded into CD CD and DVD Replication with embedded Watermark Watermark on CD and DVD

Watermark on CD and DVD, no longer the sole domain of bank notes, now available on your replicated discs for extra security and identification.

Watermark Replicated CDs and DVDs can be used as a marketing tool and can help you really make your product stand out. With the addition of copy protection, you will have security second to none.

With a visible Watermark on your CD and DVD Replication which is now no longer the sole domain of bank notes, you will have a unique identifying feature for extra security and as a great quality marketing tool. Yes, the Watermark has come to the world of Replicated CD's and Replicated DVD's!

Now you can create the unusual effect of a Watermark of your own design, embedded in the data side of your CD Replication or DVD Replication and accompany it with your unique Hub Engraving around the hub. If you need help with the design, which includes new logo design our in-house Graphic Design department is here to help. This will give double protection against illegal copying and they are fully compatible with all DVD players.

A Watermark of this kind will prove the authenticity of any disc and, combined with the application of a copy-protection solution, should dissuade many software pirates. Call Dischromatics now to discuss your requirements for Watermark on CD and DVD!

Dischromatics range of CD and DVD packaging options are available for this product to enhance and elevate your product to new highs.


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