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Blu-ray Cases are a standard packaging option for Blu-ray Replicated product.

Blu-ray cases are the same cases used for movie discs purchased in shops with the capacity to hold a booklet.

 A standard Blu-ray Case Packaging option, currently used with the majority of Blu-ray products after Replication. Generally this Blu-ray case is available in Blue (for obvious reasons), but manufacturers are expected to introduce other packing options for Blu-ray in the near future.

We can pack your Blu-ray replicated media in almost any form of packaging we have in our range as well as standard packaging for this product.

Dischromatics also offers our customers fulfilment services and we can add free issue parts and store these in our warehouse until needed.

Blu-ray cases have a large capacity spine and can be Cello Wrapped or Shrink Wrapped according to customer requirements with the inclusion of a booklet.


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