Jewel Cases  with front insert Jewel Cases with printed disk and front insert CD Jewel Cases CD Jewel Cases with printed Inlaysheet CD Jewel Cases and super jewel cases

CD Jewel Cases are a standard packaging option for CD Rom and CD Audio and are available in various colours.

CD Jewel Cases can also be supplied in versions of Slimline and Super jewel cases.  

A standard CD Jewel case Package Option for ROM or Audio Products, now available in various colours including Black, White and Red! 1, 2, 3 or more multi-coloured tray solutions available as well as Slimline alternatives.

Super Jewel cases for CD are also available. For the relevant paper parts for these cases, please see the relevant menu by clicking paper parts.

Dischromatics can also offer Printed (silk-screened) or Hot Foil Embossed Jewel Cases. This is applied directly onto the front of the case. More than two colours not recommended.


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