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 Blu-ray Technical Information required before placement of replication orders.

Blu-ray Technical data includes capacities, data protection and blu-ray technology information including HD aspects and sound including Dolby 7.1, playability and compatibility.

BD-ROM discs (replicated Blu-ray) from Dischromatics are the next generation of optical media and initially has a capacity of 25GB for single layer disc and 50GB for double layer discs.  However due to the way the discs have been developed there is in fact a possibility to increase this capacity to 200GB by using 8 layers!!!  
The increase in capacity is due to the way the data is contained on the disc itself.  On a CD or DVD the data tracks are more spaced out to allow for reading with a red laser.  However the BD discs are read using a blue laser (hence the name) which has a shorter wavelength and therefore a smaller "spread" on the discs surface meaning that tracks of data can be more tightly packed together, thus increasing the capacity. 
This data is protected by a specially developed hard scratchproof coating (as opposed to the original plastic casing) as a slight scratch would destroy far more information on a Blu-ray disc than on a DVD or CD.
Blu-ray is the next logical step for optical media following on from CDs and DVDs.  Demand from different sectors of the industry (gaming/movie producers etc) means that DVD capacity is being stretched to the limit.  Indeed, film studios often supply sets of two DVD-9s to give space to "extras" such as bonus features; deleted scenes; soundtracks etc and Surround "cinema" sound Dolby 7.1 will be supported. 
This is due to the fact that data requires far less compression to fit onto a Blu-ray Disc compared to a DVD and that more advanced Codecs will be supported. 
Blu-ray Discs will also enable movies to be supplied in 1920 x 1080 "Full HD" format (HD Ready) is 1280 x 720), in either progressive or interlaced format (standard definition, or SD, television is currently broadcast in interlaced format where 2 images fit together to form 1, hence the blurring effect when a video is paused.
Progressive format however allows for a single image to be transmitted thereby eliminating the blurred effect when pausing). Follow the Blu-ray Technical Information to ensure you get what you need.

Key Features of Blu-ray

  • Amazing high-definition picture quality and incredible surround sound
  • 25GB capacity per layer (maximum 8 layers, although only 2 initially)
  • Supports HD-TV, advanced Codecs and Dolby Surround 7.1
  • Supports Interlaced and Progressive images
  • Compatible with Playstation 3
  • Blu-ray players connect to the internet and have a hard drive for storage
  • Interactive gaming, access to downloadable bonus content


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