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 CD and DVD Technical Specifications for Replication with information on disc storage capacities.

CD and DVD Capacity and Master Submission Information including play time and video play information.

 CD Replication

 12cm Storage Capacity: 700 Megabytes

8cm Storage Capacity: 192 Megabytes

Masters accepted on CD, by File Transfer, ISO image.
Audio masters can be supplied in both Exabyte and DDP format, which ensures that premium quality is retained in the production process. After going to great lengths getting your audio mastered to the highest standard, you don't expect to suffer any reduction in quality; by submitting your master as digital data.
you can cut out the possibility of increased jitter sometimes associated with the use of CD-AUDIO's.  Potential for problems is also minimised thanks to Golding Product's strict clean-room procedures at the glass mastering stage, resulting in rooms up to 10 times cleaner than an operating theatre!!
DVD Replication
DVD-5 Replication

 12cm Storage Capacity: 4.7 Gigabytes
8cm Storage Capacity: 1.4 Gigabytes
Video Play: 2 hours 10 mins
Structure: Single sided, single layer
Applications: DVD ROM, DVD Audio, DVD Video
Print area: Full, one side of DVD.

DVD-9 Replication

12cm Storage Capacity: 8.54 Gigabytes
8cm Storage Capacity:  2.66 Gigabytes
Video Play: 3 hours 56 mins
Structure: Single sided, dual layer
Applications: DVD Video, DVD ROM
Print area: Full one side of DVD

DVD-10 Replication

Storage Capacity: 9.4 Gigabytes

Video Play: 4 hours 19 mins

Structure: Double sided, single layer

 Applications: DVD Video, cover mount

Print area: Centre hub on one or both sides

Masters accepted on DVD, by File Transfer, ISO image. 

Please contact Dischromatics if clarification of CD & DVD Technical Specs is required.



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