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Copyright Information & Forms you will need in order for us to carry out the production process.

Copyright forms are essential before customers CD and DVD discs can be produced, and here you will find information and guidelines to help you but if you need any further information, please contact us.

Before beginning production of your discs, Dischromatics Ltd have a legal requirement to ensure that you have the correct Copyright licence and/or authorisation for any copyrighted music, logos or information you may wish to use and we must obtain a copy of these from you for our records in case of audit by the relevant authorities.
We also require you to confirm that you either own the intellectual property on the disc or have obtained the correct permission to copy it by completing and returning an IPR Form to us with your order.  Go to IPR form to obtain information available and an IPR explanation of why this is needed can be downloaded.
Aside from the IPR form (applicable to all masters); you must also obtain the following permissions before proceeding:
1. Music
Music copyright is quite a minefield and it is difficult to simplify the requirements down to just a couple of easy to follow rules as the licences required change depending on what your end production will be used for. 
Whilst some simple advice on what may be needed is shown here, we would always advise that you contact the parties involved directly to clarify your individual needs with them and to obtain the relevant documentation.
Writers and Publishers Rights - Represented by the Mechanical Copyright Protection Society (MCPS/PRS Alliance)
Contact details:  020 7580 5544/ PRS for Music Website
MCPS/PRS Alliance represents those who have written or published a song which is still in copyright.  If your music is original (for example if you are a band releasing a single or album of your own work), then you will need to apply to MCPS for an AP2 licence to prove this is the case. 
The added benefit of doing this is that your work will then be registered so that if anybody else wants to copy your music in future, you can easily claim the royalties! If the music you are using is copyrighted, even if you have re-recorded a cover version of a copyrighted song, you must pay for a licence of the work (if the song is used in its original format, you must also pay performers royalties, see below). 
The cost of this licence will depend greatly on what you will be using the song for.  For example, licences for corporate productions to promote or advertise a company or product will cost more than a licence to produce something like a wedding DVD (a Limited Manufacture licence should suffice in the second instance). 
Certain MCPS licences are charged depending on how much music you are using in terms of time, others in terms of number of tracks.  There are also cheaper rates available for certain organisations, e.g. schools so please ensure you have all of this information to hand when contacting the MCPS/PRS Alliance to discuss your requirements.
Performers and Record Labels Rights - Represented in certain cases by Phonographic Performance Limited (PPL) and in other cases by individual record labels
PPL Contact details:  020 7534 1000/
If, on your CD or DVD production, you are using a song that is not your own, you will need to obtain the authorisation of the performers/producers (as well as the writers/publishers, see above) to use their work and this can be a little tricky and very complex!  We have tried to explain below firstly, why this is the case and secondly, what your next steps should be.
When a piece of music is performed, the rights for that performance are generated and all of these are then owned by the band or, more often, with the record label they are signed to. 
To simplify things for the industry, most labels have signed over the rights for the "broadcast" element of their pieces of music to PPL and it is with them you should be dealing if you need to use the music in this way (e.g. - Video Dubbing, on a wedding video).  PPL also has a list of accredited suppliers of compilations of "Hold Music", "Exercise Music" and other common broadcast uses shown on their website should you wish to obtain music for this purpose.
If however you need to use a song for "promotional" purposes (for example on a showreel) that will be used to "sell" your company or its work then the rights for this type of usage remains with the individual record company who will use their discretion to allow you to use the songs (or not) and how much to charge you to allow you to do this! 
In this instance you must deal directly with the individual record companies and obtain licences from each one for each song you are using and for the appropriate number of copies.
We hope this has explained the complex licensing situation in slightly clearer terms, but should you require any further advice on Copyright Information and IPR forms, please contact us.

2. Logos
Before we can print copyrighted logos (e.g. Sports teams badges, Company designs etc) we will need confirmation from the organisation to whom the copyright belongs that they are happy for you to use their logo on the artwork. This confirmation should be in the form of a letter on headed paper, signed by a representative of the company or organisation who can be contacted if needs be.

3. Software
If you have used any copyrighted software on your production (e.g. QuickTime for Windows or Acrobat Reader); we will require a licence showing that you have the authority to include it. This is usually free and able to be simply obtained using an on-line form. A screen shot of the final screen or a forward of the email you will receive will suffice for this purpose.

Thank you for following these Copyright Information & IPR Forms guidelines which not only help us protect ourselves, but also you!! Please take into account the time needed to obtain these permissions to ensure that they do not hold up any order


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