Variable Data Printing for Direct Mail Marketing allows you to personalise each printed item which has been proven to increase your return on investment.

Direct Mail Marketing using variable data software with our in-house digital printing facility is the ideal way to target individual clients when you send out literature through the postal system.

Variable data printing (VDP) (also known as variable information printing (VIP) or VI) is a form of on-demand printing which is used for direct mail marketing and in which elements such as text, graphics and images may be changed from one printed piece to the next, without stopping or slowing down the printing process and using information from a database or external file. Used largely for one to one (1:1) direct mail or Marketing mailshots. 

Variable Data example

Dischromatics uses professional software from Adobe Creo Darwin for its direct mail marketing.
If you need help with your artwork design, go to the Graphic Design page. Dischromatics is based in South Wales, UK.
We can print a set of personalized letters, leaflets, brochures, booklets, postcards or even CD & DVD Digipaks, each with the same basic layout, but which can be printed with a different image graphic, name and address or even bar code on each. 
Variable data printing can be used for direct mail marketing, customer relationship management, advertising and invoicing on self mailers, brochures or postcard campaigns. The success rate from sending Digitally printed personalised marketing literature has proven to increase the success rate from 2% or 3% to 10% or even 15%.
There are several levels of variable printing. The most basic level involves changing the salutation or name on each copy.
More complicated variable data printing uses 'versioning', where there may be differing amounts of customisation or personalisation for different markets, with text and images changing for groups of addresses based upon which segment of the market is being addressed.
Finally there is full variability printing which will give your direct mail marketing strategies that extra impetus, where the text and images can be altered for each individual address.
All three types of variable data printing begin with a basic design that indicates which sections can be altered and a database of information that fills in the changeable fields. Since 2005, the term TransPromo or transpromotional has emerged to cover the merging of promotional content and transactional print pieces by involving more business users in the printing process.
Variable data printing enables the mass customization of documents via digital print technology, as opposed to the 'mass-production' of a single document using offset lithography. Instead of producing 10,000 copies of a single document, delivering a single message to 10,000 customers, variable data printing could print 100 to10,000 unique documents with customized messages for each customer.
We specialise in variable data printing for direct mail marketing...
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